8072V Barcode verification

Barcode verification


The DataMan 8072V series barcode verifier includes powerful lighting options, robust sorting algorithms, a high-speed processing engine, and a high-resolution camera to capture and classify direct part mark (DPM) codes more difficult. Combined with the user-friendly DataMan Setup Tool software, the DataMan 8072 Series verifiers deliver detailed, repeatable results.

The DataMan 8072 verifier is the only verifier with all three 30/45/90 degree illumination angle options specified in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) AIM DPM Quality Guide (ISO/IEC TR 29158). Easily illuminate codes on textured, curved, and even highly reflective surfaces, reliably capturing and grading code images to demonstrate code quality compliance.

Detailed reports show whether codes meet industry standards and can be used to demonstrate compliance as well as identify printing and process control issues.

The DataMan 8072 tester is the only tester on the market with an IP65 rating and rugged housing to withstand even the harshest factory environments.


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