In-Sight L38

3D vision with integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Backed by artificial intelligence, the In-Sight L38 is a 3D vision system that enables fast and reliable inspections thanks to integrated AI.

Using powerful optics, the system captures detailed 3D images and analyzes depth information to detect subtle features and measure them against set pass/fail thresholds.

The In-Sight L38 is ideal for high-precision inspection, measurement and guidance applications.

AI and 3D technology deliver amazing inspection results.

With each use, the built-in AI learns and adapts, improving the ability to detect even never-before-seen anomalies to ensure continuous improvement and operational efficiency.

Powerful optics reveal fine details for better quality control

In-Sight L38 offers advanced on-device optics, without the need for external lighting. High-power, spot-free laser lines maximize contrast, even against challenging surfaces, and generate high-resolution images to improve the accuracy of automated inspections.

Complete library of 2D and 3D tools to solve a wide variety of automation needs.

Unified software platform offers easy scalability