About us

Bcnvision, the eyes of the industry





At Bcnvision we are exclusively dedicated to the design, installation, and maintenance of artificial vision systems for the industrial sector.


Provide innovation to companies through artificial vision.


Offer the most advanced solutions on the market to improve production and competitiveness.

We install from the simplest applications to tailored developments in different areas:

Industrial identification
2D Vision
3D Vision
Bin Picking solutions
Deep Learning solutions
Specific solutions

Why choose Bcnvision as your artificial vision partner?

01. Our team

A multi-disciplinary team of more than 47 people in constant training who are experienced, decisive, and committed to the client’s success.

02. A fast and efficient technical service

More than 50% of our staff is part of the technical team. We have:

  • A technical office dedicated to carrying out pre-sale viability studies so that projects begin with a full guarantee.
  • A large team of technical field engineers for on-site assistance.
  • A team dedicated to after-sales care via phone, email, and remote assistance.

>> Cognex Prize to the best European technical service

>> Photoneo Platinum Certificate, best European integrators.  

03. World leading technological partners

A guarantee of quality and reliability.

Our technological partners and more than 800 vision systems installed every year are proof of this


04. Flexibility and focused solutions

We understand the needs of each sector and this allows us not only to quickly implement the right solutions but also to improve the known critical points.

>> Artificial vision for industry


05. Constant technological innovation.