In-Sight 7000 series

Resistant industrial cameras for high performance artificial vision applications.

The 7000 series is designed to perform quick and accurate inspections of a wide range of parts across all industries. Its small size and customizable modular design allow it to adapt to any requirements. With internal and external power/control lighting options, the In-Sight 7000 series has a highly visible pass/fail LED indicator light ring around the camera body, making it easy to see the inspection status.

The In-Sight 7000 series is available in a wide range of resolutions, from VGA (640x480) to the 5MP In-Sight 7905 model.  Available in monochrome and in color.

High performance and powerful tools.

With extremely quick acquisition and leading vision tools in the industry including PatMax RedLine, SurfaceFX, OCRMax, as well as color tools (color models only).

The customizable modular design.

The In-Sight 7000 series is designed with Flexible Image Technology™ (FIT™), a wide selection of field-changeable and user-configurable lighting and optics allowing you to:

  • Customize the system for your exact application requirements
  • Optimize image formation
  • Minimize the need for expensive external lighting