Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Social commitment

“Leading companies should invest in corporate social responsibility”

"At Bcnvision we are especially committed to the education of children and young people. We are committed to investing in education to achieve a better future”   

David Torres, General Manager at Bcnvision


Accompanying future professionals

Bcnvision collaborates with the Escuela Garbí in its academic and professional guidance program “Work experience”, through which it offers its students the possibility to discover the work and realities of the different departments of a company before choosing their higher studies. Each year Bcnvision receives two students for a week to explain and show them the daily challenges of a technology company.


Programa de prácticas en empresas

Bcnvision collaborates with different centers that teach higher degrees in Mechatronics to facilitate sandwich/dual training through internships at companies and training grants. These paid internships usually last one or two years and are usually very positive for both, the company, and the students. Proof of this is that some of the students that have taken the practical course at Bcnvision today form part of our team.