INDUSTRIES / Automotive


The combination of short deadlines, complex supply chains and the demand for “0 defects” foster the use and constant improvement of vision technologies applied to the automotive sector and all related industries.

  • Bodywork systems.
  • Transmission systems.
  • Tires.
  • Glass industries.
  • Plastic, metal, and electronic components.
  • Security systems and components.


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Vision guide for automotive

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Artificial vision solutions for the automotive sector.

  • Presence and absence of components.
  • Inspection of surfaces.
  • Plate thickness
  • Industrial traceability on materials and complex codes.
  • OCR reading on all types of tire, chassis, crankshaft materials.
  • Inspections on electronic components (verification of clipping, pin alignment, etc.)
  • Inspection and removal of wheels
  • LED ignition control
  • Dimensional or volume control on parts or components (2D and 3D technologies).
  • Positioning of components (obtaining coordinates).
  • Guidance of robots.
  • Bin Picking systems.
  • Control of glue seam and weld seam.
  • Control of screen printing on glass.
  • Vision on robots to verify and measure large parts.