DataMan 280 serie

Reading premium code in a compact reader

Designed to solve complex 1D, 2D code reading and direct part marking (DPM) applications. The DataMan 280 Series offers fast decoding, easy setup, web browser connectivity and performance monitoring, in a very compact drive.

It allows:

  • Simultaneously read multiple barcodes based on labels on cases and pallets, even behind specular gloss packaging.
  • Easily decode difficult DPM codes on complex surfaces.
  • Accurately read codes presented by the user with a large depth of field for quick manipulation.

Advanced algorithms to improve performance

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology improves image quality and contrast for greater efficiency. High Speed Liquid Lens Technology (HSLL) performs dynamic, autofocus without mechanical parts to solve high-speed, high-variability applications with fewer cameras and in less time.

Easy setup and performance monitoring 

DataMan 280 combined with Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI) provides advanced Industry 4.0 features such as web browser connectivity, device management and performance monitoring. It allows users to configure multiple devices at once and run trends in minutes to detect performance drops.