In-Sight 2000 Mini

The smallest sensor adjusts to the space restrictions of any machine or production line

Los modelos mini de In-Sight 2000 son 68% veces más pequeños en volumen que los sensores de visión In-Sight 2000 estándar.

The autofocus technology adjusts to varying part heights

An autofocus module powered by liquid lens technology automatically focuses to preset positions, eliminating the need to manually refocus the lens or physically move the camera sensor during changeovers or job set up. This allows the sensor to be used on lines with frequent line changeovers and variable part heights.

Ultra-compact integrated light module

A small but powerful light module provides integrated lighting, making it ideal for close-range applications and extremely space-restricted machines. This also removes the need for costly external lighting. Lenses and lighting are field-interchangeable.

Powerful In-Sight vision tools and easy setup with EasyBuilder

Pattern localization, pixel count, brightness, contrast, and edge tools. The In-Sight 2000 vision sensors can inspect multiple targets in one simple image, as well as performing multiple types of inspections relying on different tools.  Even novice users can use the In-Sight Explorer software with Easy Builder’s simple, intuitive interface. For more complex inspections users can create vision applications through advanced tools, in the same interface as In-Sight explorer.