In-Sight serie 3800

Compact vision system with Edge Learning for accelerated automation

With high speed, high resolution, and flexibility, the In-Sight 3800 lets you optimize the performance and quality of your products. A vision system with twice the capacity compared to previous vision systems

  • Perform more inspections in less time.

It incorporates a number of powerful rule-based tools and innovative Edge Learning technology. By leveraging pre-trained algorithms, edge learning technology solves a variety of text reading and classification applications, from presence and absence detection to multiclass classification and advanced optical character reading.

  • Increase the accuracy of your results

    Generate high-resolution, high-contrast images that detect even the most subtle defects.

Multi-color illumination (RGBW and IR) optimizes image formation, maximizing contrast and illumination, regardless of operating conditions. Just the click of a button in In-Sight Vision Suite to change the color of the light and generate high-resolution images for more accurate inspections.

Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+) technology extends the capabilities of HDR technology by automatically enhancing contrast. HDR+ also reduces exposure times, allowing it to accommodate higher line speeds.

  • Scale your solution seamlessly

In-Sight 3800 runs from In-Sight Vision Suite software, which is common across all In-Sight products, and offers two development environments: EasyBuilder® and spreadsheet. The intuitive EasyBuilder interface is ideal for building simple or common jobs, while the robust spreadsheet interface is suitable for building complex or highly customized applications.

The In-Sight 3800 solves a wide variety of applications, from defect detection and assembly verification to character reading and more.