Bin Picking-Picking Vision

Sistema Picking Vision


Picking Vision systems are vision-guided robotics (VGR) solutions for Picking and Bin Picking applications that enable parts to be collected from a belt, container, or pallet.

They use a vision system that recognizes and locates the parts and a robotic system for their extraction and subsequent relocation.

What are the advantages of having robots with vision systems?

  • Freedom
  • Versatility
  • Accuracy
  • They do not need positioning stations
  • The vision recognizes and locates the position of objects in space, their direction, and dimensions.
  • It calculates the trajectories and the movement of the axes, avoiding collisions.

What Picking Vision system do you need?

To get the best solution we must know:

  • Collection point, internal and external measurements of the: belt, box, container, pallet.
  • Type of parts: From 1 on 1 / structures, random / disordered, reference numbers, measurements, weight.
  • Cycle time, what is the desired cycle time?
  • Place, final position of the part
  • Calculation of trajectories, optional

At Bcnvision we have embraced the most significant characteristics and requirements of the Bin Picking applications to offer you the best solution, suited for your needs and your budget.

Check out the Picking Vision systems below.


2D Pick Vision is ideal for a belt Pick & Place or a structured container Bin Picking from a reference point in which the height of the part does not change.

Types of Picking Application:

  • Simple Belt Pick & Place

  • Structured container Bin Picking

3D Pick Vision is ideal for a belt Pick & Place from a same reference point in which the position, and therefore height, varies.

Types of Picking application:

  • 3D Belt Pick & Place

Pallet Vision is especially designed for depalletizing boxes and bags.

Types of Picking application:

  • Depalletizing

Bin Picking Vision is designed to solve chaotic belt Pick & Place applications or semi-structured or chaotic container Bin Picking applications, with a single reference point.

Type of Picking application:

  • Complex Belt Pick & Place

  • Semi-structured / simple Bin Picking (1Ref., 1container)

PRO Bin Picking performs Random Bin Picking in containers, with the possibility of working with several containers and chaotically placed references.

Type of application

  • Semi-structured container Bin Picking

  • Random

Picking Vision Integrator is exclusively tailored for Integrators of turnkey solutions, with their own trajectory calculations where necessary.

Type of Picking application:

  • Complex Belt Pick & Place

  • Semi-structured/Random Bin Picking



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