Mech-Mind 3D Cameras

Fast, accurate 3D cameras with exceptional stability.


Mech-Mind's 3D Mech-Eye cameras use structured light to determine the depth information of three-dimensional objects (POINT CLOUD). A projector (LED or laser) projects various patterns onto one or more objects. For each pixel, the corresponding depth information is calculated, generating a high-resolution 3D image.

With a compact aluminum casing and optimized thermal management, the MECH-Mind 3D Mech-Eye cameras are a perfect component for industrial automation applications.

Even on partially transparent or reflective surfaces it is possible to achieve a fast and accurate 3D point cloud.

Ideal for automatic detection of unsorted heterogeneous objects, gripping position calculation, and collision-free industrial robot motion sequences.

Mech-Mind Robotics 3D cameras are CE, FCC and VCCI certified


Mech-Eye 3D cameras offer a variety of interfaces and can therefore be used extremely flexibly: Vision GigE 2.1, GenICam 3.0, C++, C#, ROS, Python.


In addition to Mech-Vision, other software solutions compatible with 3D Mech-Eye cameras can also be used.