In-Sight 9000 series

Smart cameras, high-resolution for inspections and detailed measurements.

In-Sight 9000 is a series of standalone and ultra-high-resolution vision systems with the ability to acquire and process exceptionally detailed images.

- Large field of view without sacrificing resolution.
- A single camera solution to multi-camera applications.
- Step-by-step setup through the In-Sight EasyBuilder also allows advanced options.
- Line scan and area scan image acquisition options.

In-Sight 9902L line scan

Designed for inspections of large, cylindrical, or continuously moving objects. It captures 2000 pixels with each line and provides 32MP resolution images that allow the vision tools to perform highly detailed inspections. Each pixel line is acquired at 67,000 lines per second to keep up with the fastest production lines. The 9902L only requires a small view of the target part, making it an ideal choice for installations with restricted field of view or mounting space.

Area scan of the In-Sight 9912


Available in monochrome and color models, the area scan vision system of the In-Sight 9912 is ideal for inspecting large and fixed parts. By acquiring 12MP (4096 x 3000 pixels) resolution images, the 9912 captures detailed images to perform measurements and inspections without sacrificing the field of view.