3D-Saccade Solution

High precision multidirectional 3D camera.

Saccade Vision, a high precision 3D solution with structured light designed to achieve ZERO OCCLUSION. You can scan in multiple directions and create selective resolution and locally optimized scanning.

A high precision static inspection, designed to work with electronic components, PCBs or complex and small parts. Ideal for those looking for state-of-the-art 3D technology.

  • MEMS-based flexible laser triangulation

MEMS-based laser projector allows absolute flexibility in 3D scanning

  • Optimized local 3D scanning.

Selective Resolution – Scan important locations with very high resolution.

  • Multidirectional scanning for occlusion 

The static inspection of the 4 cameras allows 3D reconstructions without the presence of occlusions and with great precision on the edges.

  • Excellent results in inspection of shiny objects, remove reflections and noise.

The scanning direction is optimized to facilitate reflection suppression.

  • Patented speckle and intensity variation suppression



Technical documentation