Thermographique FLIR A400

Thermal cameras to measure body temperature.

The FLIR A400 smart sensor thermal imaging camera has a unique technology on the market for high body temperature control (EBT), i.e. the detection of fever in people.

Temperature measurement can be done quickly, reliably and without contact.

The FLIR A400 range meets the following standards:

  • ISO/TR 13154:2007
  • FDA Standard (American Medical-Health Certification Authority)

Skin temperature is not body temperature

Thermography experts indicate that measuring temperature on a person's forehead is not a reliable point for measuring body temperature because the skin is sensitive to influences such as environmental conditions, clothing or sweat factors.

The area of the body that best corresponds to the internal temperature of the body is the area surrounding the tear, so they recommend taking the body temperature in this area, about 7 mm in each eye, covered by a minimum of 6 to 8 pixels.

Learn more about choosing a thermal imaging camera that offers maximum guarantees for measuring high body temperature. 

The FLIR A400 range automatically detects the temperature in the tear zone, offering maximum guarantees in keeping with body temperature and avoiding false negatives.

Other highlights:
  • Full software built into the camera.
  • Easy installation. No programming required
  • Fixed fixing on any tripod
  • Automatic alarms programming
  • Control and display via the web interface
  • According to ISO / TR 13154: 2007 and FDA standards
  • Maximum pressure and stability in measurements thanks to the quality of the sensor and camera electronics
  • Uses a dynamic algorithm that considers average temperature fluctuations during the day, greatly avoiding false positives and offering better results than the Black Body (based on a constant reference temperature)


A400 cameras can also be used for a wide range of process monitoring and control, quality control, and state monitoring applications such as early fire detection.