Cognex Prize to the best European technical service


Cognex Prize to the best European technical service


April 12 and 13 saw the Cognex Partner Award 2018 take place in Budapest, an annual event organized by the multinational Cognex to reward its best global distributors.

Bcnvision was recognized with the excellence award for best service and technical support in Europe, thanks to the work of its technical team. The Bcnvision technical team stands out for being a highly experienced and committed team that represents 60% of the entire staff.

In addition to the human value provided by its team, Bcnvision has invested in the integration of new incident management and remote assistance platforms to improve its customer care.
Yet again Cognex has strengthened its trust in Bcnvision as a specialist partner in Cognex artificial vision systems.

Bcnvision continues to grow year after year thanks to the trust of its partners and clients. It currently has more than 38 members of staff and branches in Barcelona, Bilbao and Vigo.