Inspection of complex surfaces - Trevista, Trevista CAM and Trevista FLA -


The Trevista system performs the superficial inspection of complex parts by generating topographical images capable of detecting defects of just a few microns.

It is based on patented “shape from shading” technology, which uses the shading of the surface of objects to gather information on their three-dimensional shape.


 - Detection of micron-deep defects.

 - Inspection of different materials (metal, ceramics, plastic, etc.).

 - Suppression of brightness.

 - Inspection of curved surfaces.

 - The quality of the 3D methods combined with the processing speed of 2D images.

Available in different models: Trevista and Trevista CAM and Trevista FLAT (check the documentation tab to find out the specifications of each model).