Advanced Factories 2021, the first fair of the Bcnvision Group.


Days after the 2020 edition, we were confined for a long period of time and this June Advanced Factories 2021 opened its doors with a totally different scenario. With hydroalcoholic gels, temperature control, few handshakes and a multitude of smiles kept under the masks for the desire to return to a certain normality. The number of visitors the 3 days has been indicative of this.

The Bcnvision Group is presented as such in the 5th edition of Advanced Factories 2021 showing a multitude of novelties in artificial vision.

The first was the launch of the Nevitec Vision Technologies company , within the Bcnvision Group. Nevitec was born to respond to the growing demand for artificial vision solutions. After years of experience in a multitude of sectors, listening to their needs and understanding their problems, Bcnvision decides to create a company that specializes in providing artificial vision solutions, replicable in the industry and developed by our R + D + I department, which Until now they were not possible without artificial intelligence, especially in the Food Industry.

For the logistics sector, another of Nevitec's strengths, they will continue to go hand in hand with Cognex as one of its Logistics Partner Integrator , covering all logistics processes, from the entry, preparation of orders and exit of goods.

Grupo Bcnvision at Advanced Factories 2021

In this latest edition of the Advanced Factories 2021 fair, the Bcnvision Group showed one of Nevitec's solutions for the food industry with Deep Learning technology.

Naos from NEVITEC , the ideal solution for quality control of meat trays. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and specifically with Deep Learning vision we are able to carry out inspections where the variability of the product and its defects make it impossible with traditional vision, such as the inspection of the heat seal, detection of foreign bodies, detection of fat, position and reading of the label and correspondence of the label with the product.

Naos Nevitec Advanced Factories 2021

Continuing with the Deep Learning Vision, we show several examples of what it is capable of doing with this technology:

Read: This Deep Learning vision tool is capable of reading alphanumeric codes that are twisted, badly recorded, deformed, shiny, etc. that previously without artificial intelligence was not possible.

Locate: Find complex objects and features by learning from pictures.

Vision Deep Learning Advanced Factories 2021

Classify: Deep Learning is capable of classifying the product based on its shape, packaging is even capable of classifying types of defects.

Analyze: You can quickly identify defects in parts and complex surfaces such as fabrics. With a set of good images and bad images with labeled defects, the system is able to learn normal part variations, while creating a comprehensive understanding of defects.

Insight 3D L4000 3D Vision System : This new system combines 3D laser technology with the ease of use of an In-Sight smart camera. Acquire and process the 3D point cloud on the same hardware, allowing you to quickly and accurately solve a wide variety of 3D inspection applications.

3D L4000 Cognex at Advanced Factories 2021

And much more. If you could not visit us at the Advanced Factories 2021 or want more information about our products and solutions, do not hesitate , contact us!