Summary of advanced factories 2020


Advanced Factories 2020



In this latest edition of Advanced Factories 2020 we have presented several solutions according to the technological trends in artificial vision of the moment, in addition to our devices such as code readers, 2D and 3D cameras, we mention some of the solutions the most innovative presented.

One such solution was the AnyPick system, which is a machine learning-based solution for selecting randomly placed objects that vary in shape and / or size.

It is ideal for warehouses, e-commerce, intralogistics, food, cosmetics and in general, any industry where parts or items of varying shape and size need to be handled

Its main characteristics are: 

  • High speed: up to 500 picks per hour
  • Customizable weight limit
  • Integrated into vision 3D

Another novelty presented was the MotionCam3D camera. A 3D vision system based on structured laser light, which allows dynamic acquisition of the object. The MotionCam 3D solution is ideal for determining the 3D position without stopping. This is the highest resolution and precision 3D camera for scanning moving objects on the market.

Also, we come back to show again, the product Cognex ViDi, our artificial vision system based on Deep Learning algorithms, which gives machines the possibility of learning by themselves thanks to the example. It is based on artificial neural networks, trying to get closer to human perception.

VisionPro ViDi software is developed to analyze real-world industrial images and offers 4 independent Locate, Analyze, Classify and Read tools, which can be combined with other Cognex vision tools and which allow locating features or objects, detect anomalies and aesthetic defects, classify objects and scenes and read difficult texts and characters.