Bin Picking solutions


What is a Bin Picking system?


Bin Picking systems are vision-guided robotic (VGR) solutions that enable the selection and extraction of randomly stacked parts in a container.

They use a vision system to recognize and locate the parts and a robotic system to extract and subsequently relocate them.

All applications require a personalized study of each component to offer you YOUR OWN PICKING VISION SOLUTION.

 There are different factors that must be studied and considered when developing Bin Picking applications:

•Geometry and superficial features of the parts.

Dimensions of the pallet or container.

Necessary cycle time. necesario.

Field of view •Type of Robot.

•Type, tolerance, and design of the robot claw.

picking vision soluciones de Picking y Bin Picking

Advantages implementing a Bin Picking


Automatic loading and unloading systems without interruptions (24/7/365).
•Enables the collecting of complex parts even in disordered environments without collisions.
Increase in productivity thanks to possible improvements in cycle times and a reduction in interruptions.
Easy integration solutions in collaborative environments.
Reduction in workplace accidents.
Quick return on investment.

Why choosing Bcnvision for your Bin Picking solution?

1- At Bcnvision we have embraced the most significant characteristics and requirements of the Bin Picking applications to offer you the best solution, adjusted to your needs and to your budget. Check out our PICKING VISION solutions series. PICKING VISION.
Serie Picking Vision para Picking y Bin Picking
2- If necessary, we calculate the entire trajectory, not only the collection coordinate.

Our Bin Picking solutions allow the robot to work not only with the collection coordinate but also with the data from the entire trajectory, reliably avoiding collisions!

3-We offer advice and support in the different strategic areas, not just in the location of the part through artificial vision.  
4-Solutions supported by standard communications interfaces for the main robot brands.
5-We perform simulations and prototypes.

Do you have a similar application?

Contact us and we will study your project and offer you the best solution adapted to your needs.